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How big a difference can a single person make? Or a single decision? How much can a single action change an entire world?

Mankind has come shockingly close to destroying the world that we live in a surprising number of times. It is a matter of historical fact that on the 26th of September 1983 one man made a choice that undoubtedly saved our entire world from a devastating nuclear war...

 ...but what if he hadn’t? What if he had chosen another path and history had spiralled off in a very different direction? What would life be like now for those few who survived?

Who would you be now if you had lived to see, or had been born into such a world? How would you live and what lengths would you have to go to in order to sustain an existence? Would you die to cling to your morals and standards? Just how far would you go to stay alive? And if you did try, could you make it? And how would it change you?

In ‘The World After’ that near miss was not a near miss.

Twenty years after a protracted worldwide nuclear war, a community of survivors are living on an island off the coast of the UK, in a symbiotic relationship with an aircraft carrier and the remnants of her crew, under the command of Admiral Gill.
The story is told by Badger, a tough and tenacious seventeen year-old, who lost both parents many years ago. After an ambiguous signal is received from the mainland, a spark of hope is ignited.
When Gill will not risk further lives and resources to search for the ghost of a father lost ten years previously, Badger sets off alone on a perilous rescue mission.

‘The World After’ is an exhilarating, yet touching, story of personal discovery and adventure, based in a post-apocalyptic reality that was all too nearly our own.